About Us

Hello + Welcome

Beneva Designs is a small company based out of Ontario, Canada.
Our focus is to bring joy, happiness, and wellness into the lives of the wearer.

The materials we use are 90% locally sourced from wholesalers that are either in Ontario or in Canada.

All of our pieces are hand made, with a main focus on stretch mala diffuser bracelets made from gemstones and natural stones. I also design and create earrings and some beaded necklaces.


A little of the why...

Growing up, my mother always had a love of crystals and the healing energies they had.  It always intrigued me and I fell in love with crystals immediately.

I started my business because I had this creative energy that I needed to explore. I was growing bored and tired of the mundane everyday routine and felt a change shifting inside me.

I decided to make a gemstone bracelet or two for myself to help me with my energy and to keep me relaxed. I started to receive many compliments from people around me, and started receiving requests for me to create pieces as gifts for them to give. This sparked a joy inside me and I decided I wanted to share my designs with everyone!

Beneva Designs was officially launched in March 2019. The name is a combination of both my children’s names, BENjamin and EVAngeline.

I am so happy to have the wonderful support of my customers for my tiny business, it is tremendously appreciated. I hope to continue to bring joy and happiness to everyone who wears a Beneva piece of handmade jewelry.

Please feel free to message me for any custom pieces, you can send us a message on the Contact Us page, email at, or send me a DM on Instagram or Facebook: @benevadesigns. 

I'd love to work with you! ♡

With Love + Happiness,