Birthstone Family Tree Collective

To most, family is a huge central part of everyone’s lives. Wear your family tree birthstone bracelet with pride whether it’s your blood family, blended family, your children, grandchildren, partner, parents, best friends, fur babies, the possibilities are endless!

Your bead choice of .925 Silver, 14kt Gold Filled, or Rose Gold Filled and your family birthstone choices.

Birth Month Birthstone - Colour
January Garnet - Dark Red
February Amethyst - Purple
March Aquamarine - Light Blue
April Clear Quartz - Represents Diamond
May Moss Agate - Dark Green
June Moonstone - Milky White
July Carnelian - Deep Vibrant Red
August Jade - Lime Green
September Lapis - Dark Blue
October Tourmaline - Multicoloured
November Topaz - Clear Blue
December Turquoise - Vibrant Blue